unique Social commerce solution. is a cumulative of hard work by our visionary owners, founders and our hard working staff. Since our inception in 1997 as a Website Design company, our solutions have evolved such as Faab Multi Channel. We have embraced technology and help merchants of all sizes to take advantage of what this new era of Social Media has to offer.

After a successful launch and hundreds of users, in May 2016 FaabSocial rebranded to We also took the opportunity to put in place and bring ahead the future plans. Result was to launch as a Marketplace. With some crazy modules that help merchants sell and promote their products and services on Social Media Platforms.

- 1997 -
Inception of Faab was born

- 2002 -
New Development Office in India

- 2013 -
Launch of

- 2014 -
Launch of

  • 2016
  • Rebranded FaabSocial to Opened a marketplace allowing merchants to sell their products not only from Facebook and Twitter but also from too.

  • 2014
  • Launch of is being launched at Internet Retailing Expo at NEC on 26th March 2014. Internet Retailing Expo provides us with perfect platform to show case our World's first and unique solution.

    Our solution will allow merchants to sell their products directly from the Social Media Status. And that is just one small module within

  • 1st Trade Exhibition

    Faab choose Spring Fair 2014 to officially launch Faab Multi ChannelThe expectations of our 1st ever exhibition made the whole team nervous. A the door opened at 9AM on 2nd February 2014, the very first customer who came to our stand had come prepared. Their owners had requested to come and see us. This gave the whole team a real boost and confidence. After that the full 5 days we were very busy. Made lots of New contacts and prospects. Faab Multi Channel was officially here.

  • Ebay Certified Developers

    In January 2014 Faab was awarded an Ebay Certified Developer badge. This was in recognition to our integration we carried out for

  • Move to New office

    With a growing team we needed a dedicated base. We wanted to be local and wanted to highlight "Batley" as a "Silicon Batley". We moved to our new premises in January. Our new address is Faab House, George Street, Batley, West Yorkshire WF17 6AA

  • 2013
  • idea is a module within Faab Multi Channel. It became apparent that our Social Media module was very good and unique and that it could be used by not only Big merchants but also small SME's. We decided to separate this module out and was born.

    August Skills

Twitter - 90%
Facebook - 90%
Pinterest - 90%
Google+ - 60%
Help & Support - 100%

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